Rubber adaptor sleeves consist of a big elastic rubber tube, which is mounted onto a spreading mandrel in order to avoid marks on the first wrapping of the coils. They are dimensionally adapted to the corresponding expanding reels and not only compensate different inner coil diameters but also protect the strip to be wound up.

The mounted rubber sleeve elastically follows the expansion and contraction movements of the reel jaws. The use of a rubber sleeve adapted to the required inner coil diameter reduces the preparation time and facilitates the change over to different diameters of the expansion reel without great difficulty or expense.

Ease of handling and the unique properties of rubber elastic materials offer a number of advantages and benefits:

Shorter preparation time when changing inner coil diameters, as mounting and removal can easily be carried out. Screwing on or off of distance jaws is not necessary.

Improved tape quality and a considerably reduced percentage of rejects as the elastic rubber sleeve reduces or completely prevents marks from the edges of the reel jaws on the leading end.

As a result of the various dimensions of expansion reels, it is essential to have complete specifications from the customer for the correct design of the rubber adaptor sleeve.

We manufacture rubber adaptor sleeves with a wall thickness from 10 mm for simple protection sleeves up to 160 mm for inner coil diameter compensation sleeves.

We manufacture rubber adaptor sleeves not only with the standard oil resistant nitrile rubber 7090 AN, but also in multiple layers with hardnesses of 50° A, 60° A and 80°, with smooth, turned, grinded, axial and rhombic grooved finish.

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